Frank Skinner Marine EOD

Frank Skinner


"Definitely a 'must read' for tacticians, future leaders and historians. The author captures the human endeavors necessary to accomplish and obviously enjoy in order to pioneer the development of a continual facet of warfare, and meeting  the challenges of the changing threats in both military and commercial arenas."


Richard Marcinko aka Rogue Warrior.



I am impressed with Frank Skinner’s descriptions of scenes, events, and conversations which he had over the years in the Arab World.  They ring true and authentic, and present a good insight into his cordial personal and working relations.  This book is excellent as a guide of what to expect when engaged in security work in the region.


Dr. Margaret Nydell

Former professor of Arabic, Georgetown University

Author, Understanding Arabs


Larry Barrett, Master Chief Petty Officer (Ret), Plank owner of "Seal Team Six and Red Cell" writes:

"Frank Skinner does a great job describing 'the times'. From a guy that was there, Frank is the 'Real Deal'."


"Frank .. I enjoyed your book.  Most people, not knowing you, will have to read in black and white.  Since I know you I can read it in color."


John Riggins  (Riggo)  MVP Super Bowl XIII and Hall of Fame Player 1992 .. Personal friend and role model