About the Author

Frank spent 23 years in the Marines and retired as an EOD Officer. Having served in Vietnam, Frank moved in to the Anti/Counter Terror arena during his assignment to the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, U.S. Department of State. The primary mission was Counter Bomb efforts in Beirut and other select Middle East countries with the additional duties as Driving, Firearms, Surveillance Detection and CT tactics. Frank trained with National assets in the Breacher/Explosive Entry discipline and brought this talent back to the Marine, Army and Navy Forces. Frank took over as OIC for Schools Section, Weapons Training Bn tasked with training the newly formed MAU(SOC) in the aforementioned subject areas. Upon retirement Frank formed TRI, Inc and provided EOD and CT/AT training to the Saudi Royal Guard Brigade and Saudi Air Police. TRI also provided Protective Services to the Royal Family, Disney Show on Ice and other Dignitaries and Govt Officials. TRI provided instructor support to Bill Scott Raceways training U.S. Sky Marshalls, State Dept Special Agents and other Federal Agencies. Other duties included President, Armet Armored Vehicles and the Director of Operations for O’Gara-Safety and Security Institute located at the Virginia International Raceway.