Frank Skinner introduces you to the hidden world of the brave, unsung heroes who dedicate their lives to protecting millions of Americans against the ongoing threat of terrorism. From the humid jungles of Vietnam to the streets and alleyways of North African “hot spots” such as Beirut, Cairo and Libya, Skinner gives you the true story of how the current war on terror began. What he shares are some of the most dangerous, intense situations and military training scenarios that he’s faced, all the while helping to raise his family and cope with his son’s life-threatening medical problems. More than just a book on military tactics and counter-terrorism, this is a book on survival and the human spirit. Praised by authors Richard Marcinko and Dr. Margaret Nydell, Skinner’s book takes an exciting look into the very evolution of military history through the eyes of a man who has been in the very heart of it. Complete with photographs to help reference his tactical training as well as his travels around the world, Cook, Baker, Candlestick Maker is a fascinating exploration into one of the most vital yet unknown areas in today’s military



I was only 2 when my dad entered Spec Ops and intense travel to places he couldn't talk about. I saw my mom bravely crying as he walked out, afraid to look back. I never understood why! This is the 1st time I've read the book. I now understand because his book is like walking down the beach with him and having him tell his story. Yeah, he's my dad and I am proud. I feel better now that dad made me understand. Thanks Dad....Great Book!



The author is a US Marine . He was an EOD officer in the Marine Corps and the first part of the book describes his work as EOD expert and his experience about explosive entry and breaching .
The second and most important part of the book describes his experience as a Marine attached to the State Department (Diplomatic Security Service) . Capt Skinner served during various deployment at the beginning/mid '80 in the Middle East (Lebanon where most of the action happened and Egypt) and other hot spots like Colombia .
How it was working in Beirut at the time - in the Military training Team of the US Embassy - is well described . It was a very dangerous place to be considering there were more than 20 armed groups in town fighting each other.
After a few years at the State Department the author was back to the Corps and was one of the developer of the concept of MAU-SOC and active in the training process in support of it .
If the reader is interested in security related matters, Middle East, and professionals at work don't miss the book- it is well worth its price .



No glory in this book, only the low-down and dirty world in which Marine EOD seeks and thrives. If a no nonsense look at EOD operations over the long term is what you are looking for, this is your book. The author truly has mastery of his subject and MOS. This book will be referenced by historians for years to come in regard to the dangerous times during the Pax Americana. All the people are real, all the places have been verified, and all the operations confirmed. This book reveals the early years of what would one day become MarSOC, and discusses the struggles of developing, implementing and educating the Old Corps EOD technicians and transitioning the EOD program into a premier special operations field. Detailed explanation of TTP' s, especial early improvised charges and employments.



Excellent, outstanding and fun read. Frank keeps it moving and shares his great experiences to the point that it feels like you're with him all the way.
Semper Fi Brother



I have thoroughly enjoyed this book. I met Frank in Destin, Fl and he told me about the book. I have a military background which helped make the book more interesting. Anyone interested in boom and bang should enjoy this read.